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Brushes are your tools

WHAT IS: A good makeup brush;

Natural bristle brushes (such as squirrel, goat, pony or sable) are very soft and offer a more blended, natural application. They’re best for working with powder-based products like blush, powder and eye shadow.

HOW DO I USE: Eye shadow, blender brush;

Use a soft fluffy natural- brush with long bristles, designed to blend eye shadow and eliminate creases. It is especially important when adding multiple shades and when softening any hard edges. Use very small circular motions and only use the tip of the brush. 

WHAT RESULTS CAN I EXPECT: Sponges/blenders;

Great for applying foundation with a more seemless finish to using a brush. Blenders can offer better coverage with lesser foundation. Don’t forget to soak your blender before and after use. 

WHAT IS ROUTINE: For cleaning my brushes;

It’s imperative to wash your brushes to avoid skin irritation and infections. Your brushes will last for years if they are well cared for. They should be washed twice a month minimum. I soak mine in a bowl of water using gentle soap, then swirl the bristles around on your palm until they are covered in soap and then rinse. Once thoroughly clean, squeeze out excess moisture with a towel and let them dry with bristles hanging off the edge of a counter – so the bristles dry in to perfect shape.