Monthly Archives: October 2013

Sleek & Chic Nails.

The big new rule to know for Autumn/Winter is OTT nail art is over (almost). Aside from 3D nail effects (there’s always a tricky trend), the majority of the A/W shows made their nail statements in a more subtle, sophisticated manner. The result? Back to basics, rich and glossy red, the undeniable set nail colour for A/W. The classic nail shade that oozes glamour and ladylike luxury – especially when twinned to your lippy.


Aside from red, It’s time to start experimenting with black, it to is sexy and feminine. Moody darks from the deep forest green, to the dark Royal Navy. Deeply dark shades look perfect for the dark nights of winter.


Another sexy trend is neutrals and nudes, these hues scream elegance and sophistication. There’s no denying that skin-flattering nudes sleeken fingers. “Neutrals are great because they’ll always be beautiful no matter which range you select—warm or cool! They’re clean; they’re chic. I love this look all year-round.”