With spring in the air, we’re getting excited about experimenting with brighter shades of make-up. Right on cue, Arbonne has launched a make-up collection that is destined to cause as much of a stir as its cult lotions and potions. With exclusive Optilight technology to maximise radiance, the range – which includes eye colour, lip colour, three different foundations in 29 different shades and a snazzy-sounding base – that uses tiny pigments that deflect light from the skin to give a soft look and flawless appearance. Meanwhile, the skin’s moisture levels are balanced so that your face can breathe through the make-up. And the vibrant lip colours promise to add a welcome jolt of colour to your make-up bag too.
This year’s trends are bold bright and vivid, dazzling coloured lips, alluring coloured eyeliner and flicks and heavy brows. That said for those of us that love the natural make-up looks, that dewy fresh faced look has also been gracing our catwalks.


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