It’s evident that our spring is a little vacant yet, but I come bearing some bright trendy news.

This season is always one that excites me because I just know that nothing less then  perfect is what’s installed for us.

The punk vibe is definitely still apparent, black eyeliner fliks but with an added bold colour to the lower lash line to create an exagirated look.




Neon colours are a massive trend this season and a perfect way to style any look. From flicks to pop lips with a vibrant array of colours. Minimal effort for maximume effect.



Some very exciting new’s for all of us RiRi fans, Rihanna Partners with Mac Cosmetics for a new makeup line.

They are producing 4 collections, first product will be a lipstick dubbed RiRi Woo, which was inspired by MAC’s Ruby Woo and is Rihanna’s favorite shade. Along with RiRi Woo lipstick, the collections will also include a range of their own products, from additional lipsticks and false eyelashes, two eye shadow palettes and blush duos.

MAC has actually gone as far as to name Rihanna a “creative partner” as opposed to the often-used “collaborator.”



This season is once again about making a bold statement with colours, so go on, be brave and stand out with confidence. xx

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