A/W 2012 brings us some very dazzling nails. I am very excited to see a new range of 3-dimentional, feminine, indulgent yet delicately extravagant nail collections, and with Christmas season around the corner what better way to dress our nails.

Something truly exceptional and exclusive is a manicure which will cost you £160k, yes you read that correctly.

AZATURE BLACK DIAMONDS, 267 carats of crushed black diamonds is the reason for this hefty price. Kelly Osborne is the second person in the world to fashion this ingenious nail polish for the Emmys awards, and Jennifer Lopez the first.

If you fancy a bit of this lavish nail polish I have good news, Azature has produced a cheaper version that includes just one crushed diamond-it will be coming to the UK soon and I cannot wait to get my hands on this.

keeping up with competition are CIATE CAVIAR MANICURE NAILS and NAILS INC LONDON, they both offer glitzy affects using raw materials to create a staringhly affect.

Nails designs have never been more exciting, but I feel the best is yet to come!

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